Standard Products

Although much of my work is done to commission, there are some fittings which I am asked to make regularly. As their production does not require a site visit, I am able to produce a limited selection of these items to hold in stock, so they can be available more quickly than bespoke pieces might. I maintain the highest standards of craftsmanship in their manufacture, just as I would were I making them to order, but by avoiding the sometimes time-consuming process of consultation, they become more convenient and affordable to buy.

Pictures of these pieces can be viewed here, along with approximate dimensions and their prices. Inevitably, as they really are individually forged, by hand, from blank stock, even these items will never look mass-produced; no two of anything will ever be identical. I do ensure that pairs of, say, hinges match as closely as possible, but you will always be able to see evidence of the work that has gone into the individual piece, small marks left by my tools, and texture left by the heat of the fire.

If you are interested in ordering from this range, do contact me by ‘phone or e-mail so we can discuss what you need and by when. Of course, if the designs suit your needs but the sizes need adjusting, I can accommodate this.